We Buy Inventory with Discontinued Packaging – Packaging Changes, Misprints, & Rebrands

Did you recently change the packaging design for a line of products, or on a single product? If so, MAC Wholesale is interested in buying your remaining inventory with the old packaging style. There are many reasons why manufacturers change their packaging, such as rebranding (new packaging design, or perhaps a new logo), misprints, or just a change of packaging types; however, in each instance MAC Wholesale can help you get a fresh start with the new packaging by purchasing all of your remaining inventory of the old packaging style. It’s important to maintain a clear, consistent brand image in the marketplace – and MAC Wholesale can be your partner in helping you to do so.

Whether you are a small, developing manufacturer or a major national brand, packaging changes are a natural byproduct of brand growth and product life-cycle. There comes a time when excess inventory becomes a liability and is no longer worth storing in your warehouse or becomes financially unhealthy on your books. MAC Wholesale specializes in alleviating the pains of excess inventory, and can quickly and fairly work with you to finalize a sale to move the excess inventory in one transaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with, and for this reason many of nation’s largest brands have chosen to work with MAC Wholesale on a continuing basis for their closeouts & excess inventory.